Last Wish

Last Wish resolves around a pair of characters – Nadia, an emotionless girl with a strong will and introverted nature, and Charm, an outgoing guy haunted by the nightmares from his past which shaped his wicked view of the world and people.

The story presents Charm as he tries to understand purpose of his existence, which seems to be bound to the fate of the girl. He sees nothing that could connect him to her and is mostly off-put by her indifference to the world around her. However, to learn the connection between them he has to try to learn more about her and understand the way she thinks, which is not an easy task.

His souls is bound to the body of a cat. He can only interact with the world through his thoughts. He can, however, influence others by empowering specific emotions that he finds lying within them. His unusual powers seem to be focused around her yet do not help him understand her at all; they’re more confusing than helpful in that matter. On rare occasions Charm can manifest himself in a human body. These are his only chances to directly interact with the girl.

He gathers as many allies as he can by influencing their lives. As powerless as he is alone, his only way to influence the girl’s fate is through their help. His success depends on the strength of the bonds he creates with them and how many of them he’ll be able to convince to help him.

This is an idea for a Visual Novel with a complex story and multiple endings. We’re working on it with a friend, but currently we have nothing besides the story and concept arts, so we play around with some borrowed soundtracks and graphics just for the fun of creating the game and testing the game mechanic. Below are three fragments taken from the game.

We’re using RenPy as the game engine. It’s very easy to learn and very flexible, so we can create all of our game mechanic in it. The game will have few choices in a classic VN style, but the core mechanic allows player to make a decision based on the story development and influence the story (or not) at any point, without any kind of prompt or fixed choice points. The decision whether to do so and how to proceed will often prove quite challenging.


Intro – Freezing

Prologue – The Cat, The Mirror and The Moon

Interlude – The Black Rain (introduced later in the story)



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